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A varied buffet breakfast is the best way to start your day whether you're travelling for work, pleasure or tourism. Take your time. Breakfast is available from 7 to 10 am in the breakfast room, directly in your room or, weather permitting, in our little garden where you can also smoke. A wide range of breads from white to brown to sliced, focaccia, cakes, croissants, cereals and other sweets. Raw and cooked vegetables, scrambled and boiled eggs, frankfurters, cured meats and mixed cheeses. Whole milk, low fat and fruit yoghurt. Fruit salad, fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices and other fruit juices. Vast assortment of hot drinks.




Let us know before you arrive if you suffer from an allergy or intolerance and we will be happy to source alternative produce for you.

mixed sliced meats


organic yoghurt

cakes and biscuits

fresh bread

fresh fruit

coffee and tea

jams and nutella

boiled and scrambled eggs

selection of cheeses




Quick info

  • Opening : 08:00
  • Closing : 10:00


Business deals
If you stay in Milan regularly for business, we'll be happy to offer you special business rates tailor-made to your needs.